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Students’ Academic Load Policy
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Students’ Academic Load Policy
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This policy details student academic load and student categories at PMU, and consequently defines the duration of undergraduate study at PMU.

  1. Student Academic Load

    A full time student admitted to and enrolled in a degree program usually registers for 15 to 19 credits each semester. The required minimum load for all students is 12 credits per semester, and the maximum load is 20 credits per semester. Students registering for less than 12 hours by the end of the add and drop period will be considered as part time students and their accounts will be charged accordingly. Under special circumstances, a student with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or better may secure the permission of his or her dean to register for up to 22 credits in any one semester.
    The minimum graduation requirements for a bachelor’s degree vary from 120 to 139 credits depending on the program of study. PMU degree programs have been designed to be completed in four years. However, some students may require additional time, but will not exceed the maximum duration of study as announced by PMU policies.
    Students on probation 1 or 2 may not register for more than 12 credit hours. Under special circumstances, disciplinary sanctions may affect student registration load and may limit it to 12 credit hours. This will be communicated in writing by the Dean of Students to the Deanship of Enrollment & Registration.
  2. Residence Requirements

    Residence requirements for degree completion at PMU (defined as those courses which must be completed at the university) are set by the academic departments. However, it is generally expected that the final two years will be completed at the university.
    PMU residence requirements must be fulfilled regardless of the number of hours transferred from other institutions. These requirements are in addition to the University Core course requirements which must also be taken at PMU.
  3. Categories of Students

    1. Full-time Students

      To be considered on full-time status, a student must carry a minimum course load of 12 credits per semester, with the normal load being 15. Under special circumstances, the dean of the college may allow students to drop their course load below 12 credits. This will be in consultation with the office of Financial Aid when the student has been granted a scholarship of any kind, and the eligibility for the scholarship will completely depend on the terms and conditions of the respective scholarship program.
    2. Part-Time Students

      Enrollment as a part-time student is restricted to the following:
      1. PMU staff members who are pursuing a degree (approval of the employee’s director is required).
      2. Employed students studying at PMU (conditions apply, and employment documentation required).
      3. Students who need fewer than 12 credits to complete an undergraduate degree (approval of the academic advisor is required).
      4. Students who are granted permission by their dean.
      5. Students who are enrolled as auditing*, non-degree or visiting students**.
      6. Part-time status allows students to register for a maximum of 11 credit hours per semester.
    *Audit Students:
    Auditing students are PMU undergraduate or graduate students, or non PMU students requesting to attend a course on informational basis only. Audit requests will be made through a special Audit Request Form. Audit requests may be considered on a case by case basis only after regular students have registered and only if the requested course sections are still open. Auditing students level of participation in the course (assignments, quizzes etc..) is determined by the instructor. Attendance will also be required, and failure to comply may result in administrative withdrawal (AP or AF) depending on the case and date of withdrawal. Audit students may withdraw from the course by the specified deadlines in the academic calendar, in which case they might receive WP or WF as per the policy. Under no circumstance an AU grade may be change to a  regular grade on a student transcript.
    Audited courses are charged to the student account at 50% the value per credit. Books and technology are optional.
    * *Visiting Students:
    Visiting students are students registered in other local or international recognized universities requesting to take courses at PMU that will be accounted into their degree in their home institution. To be able to register for a course as a visiting student, the applicant should meet the particular course requirements and pre-requisites, secure an approval form from the home institution, and be approved by the college offering the course at PMU. All undergraduate courses at PMU are taught in English and the applicant should also meet language requirements to be admitted as a visiting student.
    Visiting students are temporary members of the PMU community. They are expected to observe all academic and non-academic regulations.
    Visiting students may choose to transfer to PMU as resident students, in which case transfer policy applies.
  4. Time Limit on Duration of Study

    Students must complete all degree requirements within eight years of admission to PMU as an undergraduate student. The eight-year period includes leave time from the university.
    A student in good academic standing is allowed no more than two consecutive semesters of leave. Students apply for Leave of Absence and get the required approvals as per the Request for Leave of Absence. A student who leaves the university for more than two consecutive semesters must submit a new application for admission to the Office of Admissions.
    Preparatory Program students have a maximum duration of study of five (5) semesters excluding any leave of absence. Students exceeding this maximum duration due to poor performance will be dismissed from the university and may apply again through the Office of Admissions after at least one regular semester of dismissal. It is expected that the student would have completed English proficiency courses outside the university and may only be considered for undergraduate admission.