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Education Allowance Policy
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Education Allowance Policy
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I. C-6
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to Education Allowance and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


Expatriate employees will normally want their children to attend schools which conform to the educational system prevailing in their home countries. It is PMU policy to maintain an Education Allowance to help eligible employees defray the costs associated with the education of their dependent(s) in Saudi Arabia. The maximum annual education allowance is as follows:

  • Assistant Professors, Associate Professors & Professors: 60,000 SR per year
  • Lecturers, EFL Instructors: 30,000 SR  per year
  • Eligible staff: 25,000 SR per year



All eligible dependent children (under 19 years of age) of expatriate employees who are attending school in Saudi Arabia (grades 1 through 12 equivalents to the North American grading system) are eligible for the Education Allowance.

Eligibility Date

Employees may place eligible dependent children in school up to fifteen (15) days prior to their effective date of employment and still qualify for the Education Allowance. Benefits for dependants who begin school prior to this fifteen (15) day period will be paid from the beginning of this fifteen day period and payment will be prorated to cover the remaining portion of the school year.

Allowance Payments

PMU will pay the school directly for tuition fees up to the annual limit as per the employment contract. The payment of tuition fees is based on the school year and not the employee's contract year.