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Ticketing Benefits Policy
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Ticketing Benefits Policy
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I. C-7
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to Ticketing Benefits and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


It is PMU policy to provide expatriate employees with airline ticketing benefits for themselves and their eligible dependants. These airline ticketing benefits will be provided upon employment; upon taking annual leave and upon repatriation from PMU.

Category of Ticket

Air tickets will be administered in accordance with the following table.


Position Annual ticket
Expatriates only
Business trip ticket
International flight Domestic flight
Vice Rector   Business class 1st class
Dean & Senior Directors (Non Saudis) Economy class ( or as specified in Employment Contract) Economy class Business class
All other positions including faculty and staff Economy class Economy class Economy class


Annual Ticket

Except for the exclusions shown below, each expatriate employee and eligible dependants will be entitled to the option of an annual ticket, at PMU’s expense, to and from the employee's point of hire or equivalent destination, or fifty percent (50%) cash equivalent of the ticket(s) value. In both options PMU will approve the ticket or fifty percent (50%) equivalent cash payment on the lowest available rate provided to PMU.


  • Saudi National employees do not receive annual tickets but are entitled to annual leaves.
  • If an eligible dependant of an employee is employed by PMU, there will be no duplication of benefits.
  • Part-time employees do not receive annual ticketing benefits of any kind.

Eligibility Period

  • At the completion of a one year of service the employee is eligible to request an annual ticket. If the employee decides to separates from PMU prior to the completion of one (1) year, the employee must reimburse PMU for the cost of the annual tickets and exit/re-entry visa(s) received on a pro-rata basis given the remaining time left to complete one (1) year. This eligibility process and accompanying requirements are repeated each year.
  • Upon the completion of at least nine (9) months of any contract year and where the employee will be continuing in the next year, an employee may request an early annual ticket.

Tickets to Travel on PMU Business

When deemed necessary, any PMU employee may be sent on PMU business. Such an employee will be entitled to an airline ticket to and from the appropriate location of such business. This travel will be approved per the applicable Administrative Policy and Procedure.

Upon Separation from PMU

  • Under normal circumstances and unless transferring in the Kingdom to another sponsor with the approval of PMU, the university will provide transportation from the PMU site to the employee's point of hire in accordance with the employee's contract.

PMU will provide transportation for all eligible dependants from the PMU to the employee's point of hire in accordance with the employee's contract.