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End of Service Benefits Policy
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End of Service Benefits Policy
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I. C-10
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to End of Service Benefits and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


Under normal circumstances, it is PMU policy to pay End of Services Benefits to employees who are separating from PMU as explained below:

End of Service Award

The benefit is to be calculated on the basis of the following: Faculty: Half month per a year where the faculty member has served at least two (2) years of service.

Staffs are entitled for full end of service award as per contract if he/she completes two full years of service.
However, the following will apply in the case described below:

  1. Upon the end of the work relation (non-renewal / resignation) of contracts The Employer shall pay the Employee an end of service award of a half-month basic salary for each of the first five years and a one-month basic salary for each of the following years. The end of service award shall be calculated based on the last basic salary and The Employee shall be entitled to an end of service award for the portions of the year in proportion to the time spend on the job.

Earned and Unused Annual Leave

Payment will be made to the employee for his/her earned and accrued Annual Leave balance at the time of separation. Payment calculation will be based on the employee's final salary at the time of separation from PMU.
Unused annual leaves should not exceed 30 days unless a carryover approved by the Human Resources Director

Repatriation Ticket

Unless transferred in the Kingdom to another sponsor with the approval of PMU, expatriate employees and their eligible dependants will be provided with one-way repatriation airline tickets as per the location specified in their contracts. The necessary exit only visas also will be obtained by PMU

Repatriation tickets are not convertible to cash and will not be added to the end of service compensation.