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Compassionate / Bereavement Leave Policy
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Compassionate / Bereavement Leave Policy
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I. D-5
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to Compassionate / Bereavement Leave and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


It is PMU policy to grant, upon approval, up to ten (10) consecutive calendar days leave for expatriates (presuming that travel is required) where the first (3) days are with pay and the remaining (7) days are without pay in situations involving the death of an employee's parent, spouse, child or sibling. Saudi National employees are granted three (3) consecutive calendar days leave with pay. Approval of Compassionate leaves, in addition to other leave benefits is subject to the employee providing appropriate documentation as explained below.

Compassionate Leave Request

All requests for Compassionate Leave must be submitted on the appropriate leave application form. A Staff employee may apply to have annual leave combined with the compassionate leave.

Documentation Requirement

Acceptable documentary evidence (Telex, Telegram or Fax) must be furnished when application is made for Compassionate Leave. In the absence of such documentary evidence, the employee’s Director may send a memorandum to the Human Resources Department attesting to the validity of the situation.

Airline Ticket

Airline ticket expenses are the responsibility of the employee. However, the employee may request utilization of any ticketing benefit which he/she has already earned i.e. annual ticket. It should be noted that while the Government Relations Section of the Administration Affairs Department will assist the employee to obtain the emergency exit/re-entry visa, the Saudi Arabian Immigration Authorities require that an airline ticket be submitted with the visa application.

Documentation Requirement upon Return

When an employee returns from Compassionate Leave, he/she is required to submit a Death Certificate, a newspaper obituary notice or any other notice confirming the death. Failure to submit the required documentation upon return from compassionate leave will result in a deduction in the salary equal to the number of days taken away from work.