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Sick Leave Policy
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Sick Leave Policy
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I. D-6
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to Sick Leave and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


PMU policy provides sick leave to permit an employee to convalesce in case of sickness, injury, and/or required surgery. The employee is responsible for maintaining a state of good health and for using sick leave only when properly warranted. Abuse of the sick leave policy may be cause for reprimand and/or termination.


A full-time PMU employee is eligible for sick leave beginning on the employment date.

Sick Leave Days

An employee may be granted sick leave with full pay for a maximum period of thirty (30) calendar days; an additional sixty (60) calendar days at seventy-five per cent (75%) salary; and an additional thirty (30) calendar days at no salary.   The sick leave is accumulated in a twelve (12) month period beginning from that employee’s first sick leave day.  The clock is reset to zero after twelve (12) months from the first sick leave.

Medical Certificate

  • A medical certificate must be attached to the employee's leave application form. Sick leave will be granted and paid in accordance with this policy.
  • A medical certificate is required for any sick leave.  The employee’s Director may waive the requirement for a medical certificate where the absence is for one (1) day. 

Sick Leave While Outside the Local Area

An employee who becomes ill while on, or immediately after, a leave and are unable to return as scheduled, must send a telex, fax or e-mail to their respective Director indicating why they are unable to return and the estimated return date. This information together with a medical report about his sickness must be submitted within one week from the date he is due to return from the leave. All further communication, if necessary, should be referred to the Human Resources Department.
No sick leave will be granted while the employee is on authorized leave. The employee must use existing accrued available leave days excluding sick leave. Leave without pay may be requested after all accrued leave days have been exhausted.
Sick leave eligibility, while on authorized leave, will be determined by the Director, Human Resources, based on a review by the employee’s Director and documentation presented by the employee upon return from leave.  It is the employee’s responsibility to provide appropriate official documentation from the attending physician, clinic or hospital to support their claim for sick leave.  In the case of faculty, this information is only required should the faculty member not be able to report back to work on the date required for the academic term.  Any illness during the summer vacation period is simply considered as vacation time