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Submitting the Final Grade Rosters Policy
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Submitting the Final Grade Rosters Policy
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Academic Affairs
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 This policy will ensure that the submission of the final grades rosters by the faculty to the Registrar's Office is a rigorously verified and sound process, protecting the rights of the faculty and the students.  

  1. Faculty member reviews, on Banner self-service, the grade rosters ten days before the beginning of the final   exams period.
  2. Faculty member enters the final grade roster (s) on Banner for his/her section(s), signs it, then secures the department chairman signature, and submit it in person to the Registrar's Office before the announced deadline.
  3. The Registrar checks rosters presented for possibly missing grades and for verification of the grades against PMU grading system. The original grade roster is filed in the Registrar's Office and a signed copy is given to the instructor for future reference.
  4. The Registrar's Office rolls all grades to the academic history module on Banner.