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Personal Leave with Pay Policy
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Personal Leave with Pay Policy
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I. D-8
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to Personal Leave with Pay and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


Personal situations occasionally occur that make it necessary for employees to be absent from work. Consequently, the administration may approve paid personal leave. Personal leave must not exceed a total of 3 days annually. Personal leave are to be approved by the Director. Personal Leave will only be awarded when a problem or circumstance arises that requires the employee’s personal attention and is of such a nature that it could not be handled during non-work hours or a future date. Supporting documents may be required for this leave. Qualifying circumstances for personal leave are

  1. renewal of government documents, passports, etc. that cannot be scheduled on weekends due to office hours of Governmental Agencies,
  2. Personal emergency situations resulting from mishaps within the home or other serious accidents,
  3. Attendance at a child’s high school and college graduation.
  4. Housing Relocation.