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The Interview Policy
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The Interview Policy
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I. A-5
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines regarding Interviewing Candidates and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


Local Recruitment

The Human Resources Department will coordinate and schedule candidates for an interview based on a request submitted by the respective Director of the vacant position. All Staff involved in the interview and selection process will be notified in advance of the interview schedule, be provided with a copy of each candidate’s resume, Employment Application Form/Letter, and any other relevant documentation appropriate for the particular position vacancy. The interview and selection process will be initiated in two phases; Phase I will be the preliminary interview and Phase II will be the final interview and approval or disapproval of the candidate by the Recruitment Committee chaired by the Rector. The staff involved in both phases is as follows:


Phase I – Preliminary Review

Department Director or Dean

Human Resources Department Representative


Phase II –Recruitment Committee


Representative of Human Resources (Director/Dean)

Senior Administrator appointed by the Rector


International Recruitment

International recruitment will primarily involve the recruitment of faculty.  Telephone (or video conference) interviews will be normally conducted by the committees appointed by the Dean.