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Official Transcript Policy
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Official Transcript Policy
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This policy informs students about the set of procedures and costs related to requesting official and unofficial transcripts.


Suggested procedure for new policy requesting official transcripts are as follows:

  1. Students may request up to 2 (two) official transcripts during his/her academic enrollment at University. Thereafter, a charge of 15 SAR per copy will be applied.
  2. Upon graduation, students may request up to 3 (three) official transcripts. Thereafter, a charge of 15 SAR per copy will be applied.
  3. For all purposes outside of PMU, only an official transcript should be requested.
  4. The registrar’s office will not stamp any unofficial transcripts. Unofficial transcript should be used for internal and advising purposes only.
  5. Students must request an official transcript through Banner self-service only. Students may collect their copies within 2 (two) working days.