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Training & Development Policy
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Training & Development Policy
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I. E-1
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines with regards to Employees Training and Development and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


Staff Profile

The training programs will take into account the nature of the work groups and their particular job responsibilities.  At PMU, some of the key factors in the design of the training programs are:  gender, language skills, nationality (Saudi or expatriate) and educational level.

Training Needs

There will be an ongoing need to identify the training needs of employees.  Training programs will be developed to respond to these identified needs.  Ongoing training needs will be identified through the conducting of management and employee surveys from time to time.  The Human Resources Department will also target training to specific job competencies.  Specific programs will be conducted to improve the English language skills of employees in speaking, writing and especially in the use of business English.  The PMU organizational design requires that the business language is English.  This training need will be ongoing and continuous.

Training Resources

Resources for training include instructors, facilities and training materials.  PMU will set aside an annual training budget to support training programs.  Support by the employee’s department is essential since it will require the accommodation of employee’s absence from the department to attend training programs conducted during the normal hours of work. The instructors would be a combination of both internal to PMU and external to PMU.  The appropriateness of an external resource is directly related to the type of training.  PMU will carefully assess the use of external trainers since there is a need to be aware of the university organizational culture to conduct certain types of training.  Some types of training used by private sector trainers will not be appropriate for a University environment.

Attitude and Responsibility (Self, Manager and Organization)

Training and development of employees has different facets.  The employee himself or herself has an inherent responsibility for their own professional development.  Some employees do not see themselves as having this responsibility while others make an effort to continue to learn and develop.  PMU will encourage self-development as well as initiating PMU programs.  PMU has a responsibility to provide training and professional development opportunities both at the department level as well as the organizational level.  One of the most basic forms of department level training is “on the job” training.  The PMU departments have a responsibility to provide on the job training for all their employees.  This type of training is especially needed when a new employee joins the department.  However, on the job training is an ongoing requirement especially with the rapidly changing technology in any work area.  A fundamental precondition to implement “on the job” training is the need to have current well written job descriptions for each employee in the department.