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Guidelines for Early Registration Policy
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Guidelines for Early Registration Policy
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All students must use Banner Self-service to early register their planned courses
If for any reason a student decides to visit the registration   rep for registration support and/or override requests, he/she must be attended as follows:

  1. All override request(s) must be accepted from students even if they are not signed by the chair and/or the college dean.
  2. If the submitted requests are not signed by the concerned heads, kindly call for a meeting with them and finalize.
  3. If the override is signed by all the concerned heads, then the form should come to me for final approval if the final signature is not within your jurisdiction.
  4. All requests with no system consequences, may be processed and implemented on Banner according to the policy. Example of such are: Class Capacity (section is full? Enter them on waiting list if needed).
  5. All requests with system consequences, may be processed tentatively but never on Banner until final grades of this semester are released. Example of such: overload request, prerequisite, and Class Overrides.
  6. The overload for graduating students Only can be processed on banner.
  7. Students must be notified about his/her request status via email as follows:
    1. Once he/she submits a request
    2. Once his/her request is processed, tentatively approved and/or declined.
  8. All pending request with system sequences must be officially registered on Banner once final grades are out and Banner End Term process is finalized.