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Offers of Employment Policy
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Offers of Employment Policy
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I. A-6
Human Resources
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To declare PMU guidelines regarding Offers of Employment and ensure uniform interpretation and application of this policy.


In both local and international recruitment, the final approval will be the responsibility of the Rector. An offer of employment will be made only after the final approval of the Rector is obtained. Offers will normally be made at the hiring rate from the approved salary grid, unless otherwise approved by the Rector.  Terms and conditions of employment will be in accordance with University policy.

All offers of employment will be issued by the Human Resources Department after obtaining the approval of the Rector. Normally, all offers of employment are for two (2) years unless otherwise specified, and are subject to the receipt of satisfactory employment references. Any falsifications of references will be a reason for immediate withdrawal of the employment offer and/or legal action against the candidate. Upon acceptance of the employment offer Human Resources Department will advise the respective Director of the start date of the new employee