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Laboratory Equipment Requirements Policy
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Laboratory Equipment Requirements Policy
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In order to provide students in with laboratory tools and hands on-experiences appropriate to their core and discipline course needs and the most up-to-date equipment, a detailed analysis of the lab needs and hardware/software specifications will need to be prepared by the academic colleges. Equipment must be adequate in quantities and quality, must meet accreditation standards and integrate well with equipment at lead national and international industry stakeholders.


Each academic unit must have dedicated and appropriately equipped laboratories with hardware and software to provide students with the best experiences to achieve the learning outcomes as per the course specification and the program specification and in compliance with national and international accreditation standards.

Procedure :

College faculty members in their academic units develop laboratory needs and specifications. The University Purchasing Department facilitates the procurement of equipment. University policies and procedures determine selection of vendor. Equipment standardization, one-of-a-kind service or product, turkey key and sole source justification are valid options in certain procurement cases.