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Laboratory Materials and Supplies Requirements Policy
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Laboratory Materials and Supplies Requirements Policy
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The materials and supplies fees will be assessed and collected to offset the cost of materials or supplies that are consumed in the course of the student’s instructional activities, excluding the cost of equipment replacement, repairs, or maintenance. Thus, they must be used for expendable or consumable items (lab or course supplies and handouts).


Approved course materials and supplies fees are introduced, collected and administered to offset cost of expendable or consumable items.

Procedure :

All requests for additions, changes, or deletions (Itemize costs on either a per-student or per-class basis) shall be submitted to the Deans Council. All fee requests will be forwarded to the provost for acceptance or rejection.  After the President’s approval, fees will be published in the next academic year’s Catalog.  All fee changes will go into effect the Fall semester of the year for which the fee is approved. The same fee will be charged for each semester: Fall, Spring and Summer.  Fees will be in effect until any change in the justification for the fee, initiating a request from the unit for an addition or subtraction from the fee. Notice of the President’s approval of fee requests will be sent to the department, college, registrar, Division of Finance and Accounting. PMU will maintain the listings of materials and supplies fees.