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Laboratory Space Requirements Policy
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Laboratory Space Requirements Policy
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Existing and new academic programs have needs for laboratory space to meet specific course and/or program learning outcomes, applied research, continuing education and outreach activities. Laboratory space is a resource that must be utilized to deliver quality and accredited programs. New curricula, curricular updates and enrolment growth create increasing demand for laboratory space.


The University will provide adequate space for each laboratory recommended by the academic faculty in the colleges. Space should accommodate physical assets such as furniture and equipment and comply with health and safety standards. Accreditation standards will ensure maintaining an optimum faculty to students’ ratio.

Procedure :

Academic programs assist their needs for laboratory space. Requests for laboratory space allocations are made by the academic units in the colleges. The University will provide needed space resources from the existing university inventory or by adding and commission new resources. The university campus expansion plan will ensure demands for laboratory space will be adequately addressed.