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To encourage the value of “hands-on” educational experience off-campus trips that expose the student to experiential learning as emphasize in the university Academic Plan for undergraduate studies. To maximize the productivity and minimize the liability of university sponsored field trips and excursions.


The format, agenda and destination of the trip must match the course objectives as stated in the syllabus.  Active learning trips differ from their passive learning counterparts. For instance, research and investigative trips differ in scope from lecture and observation trips, and the Dean must confirm that each bears direct relevance to the course and contributes to its objective.  Destinations that include conferences, fairs, exhibitions, museums, surveys, events, sites, and competitions would all qualify.  The duration may not extend overnight and must involve at least 75% of the class.  Students who opt out of the trip would complete a separate assignment. Trips that require overnight stays require VRAA approvals.  Each participant must fill out an emergency contact information sheet and sign a liability waiver before the trip.  The student code of conduct applies at all times to all activities and destinations off campus.  The organizers must submit a post-trip report to the Dean to assess the success of the trip and suggestion for improvements to future trips.  Students with special needs and disabilities should receive their accommodations. 

The group must maintain a ratio no greater than 10 students to 1 staff.  The university will furnish first-aid kits on all transportation vehicles.  The Dean would act as an emergency contact, or his designated official as faculty.