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Faculty Conference Attendance Policy
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Faculty Conference Attendance Policy
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I. E-5
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As per PMU policies and procedures, faculties (Assistant, Associate, and Full Professors) are entitled to attend two International conferences and one Regional (Middle East) conference per calendar year. Hence, the following is the policy describing the criteria, procedures and entitlements.



Criteria    :

1.    Faculty is eligible to apply for conference attendance after spending one calendar year at PMU.

2.    The conference must be indexed by Scopus or Web of Science.

3.    Work or part of the work to be presented must be done at PMU.

4.    Author’s affiliation to PMU must be clearly stated on the paper.

5.    Paper resulting from Research Projects funded by PMU must indicate on the footnote (first page) the support of PMU.

Procedure :

After the paper is accepted for presentation in the conference, the faculty must follow the following procedure:

1.    Submit the accepted paper (in PDF format) to the WebCenter to be uploaded on the PMU website.

2.    Fill in the attached “Faculty Conference Attendance Request Form” and sign the attached Note of Commitment.

3.    Submit the form and the signed Note of Commitment to the Chair/Associate Chair.

4.    The Chair/Associate Chair will add his/her recommendations and forward it to the Dean.

5.    The Dean will review the Conference Attendance Request and forward the request he approves to the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research for a final check on the compliance of the policy at least one month prior to the first day of the conference.

6.    The Dean of Graduate Studies and Research will forward the request he approves to the concerned departments for implementation.

7.    All College Deans are required to keep a record of all Conference Attendance Requests, approved and disapproved, with justifications to be submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research.

Entitlements    :

1.    Conference Registration Fees

2.    Two-way economy class tickets to and from the conference location.

3.    A maximum of 3 days per diem as per PMU policy, (PMU will not be involved or responsible for accommodations or any other expenses).

Procedures Post Conference Attendance    :

Faculty attending conferences and representing PMU are expected to follow-up on the post conference attendance stage to ensure increased efficiency and academic benefit from the conference for both the institution and the faculty members, and to highlight academic opportunities, follow up actions and potential collaborations.

The post conference attendance stage involves the following steps within the 15 working days following the return to PMU:

1.    Submission of a Conference Attendance Report to the Academic Department, copying the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research.

2.    Presentation to Faculty in collaboration with the Deanship of Graduate Studies and Research.

3.    Submission of Professional Networking Activities Report including names of contact persons, contact information, institutions and topics of interest including potential areas of collaboration to the Office of Global Engagement.