Mouhammad El Hassan, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
College of Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Phone: +966-13-849-9359

Dr. Mouhammad El Hassan is an Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the College of Engineering at Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University. Previously, he was Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the Beirut Arab University, senior researcher at the University of Alberta, Adjunct Professor at the University of Calgary and lead researcher at MRTS, Canada. He received his Ph.D. and B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Valenciennes, France, in 2008 and 2004, his M.S. in Biomechanics from Paris VII University in 2004 and his MBA from the University of Valenciennes in 2007.

Dr. El Hassan's current fields of research include experimental and numerical investigation of turbulent flows (Jets, cavity flows, etc.), active and passive flow controls, optimization of supersonic ejectors (heat pumps and distillation plants), and cardio-vascular flows.

Dr. El Hassan has published numerous scientific journal papers and international conference papers (40 papers in total). He independently developed grant proposals for a variety of funding sources, including government and private sectors. He is a member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA, Canada) and the National Technology Research Center, Aeronautics and Space division (France). Dr. El Hassan is also a reviewer of many top-ranked international Fluid Mechanics journals, such as Physics of Fluids.