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Strategic Goals

  1. Improve the quantity and the quality of research output of the PMU’s faculty.
  2. Provide progressively an adequate research environment and infrastructure of research to PMU’s scholars to be more productive in research.
  3. Instill a research culture in the non-academic departments to be facilitators and motivators for scholars.
  4. Design and implement progressively an institutional applied research agenda that helps to solve the industry problems of the kingdom and coherent with the strategic vision and trends in Saudi Arabia.
  5. Focus on the societal impact of the research rather than the traditional theoretical scientific contribution.
  6. Develop a community of researchers at PMU with external networking to enhance collaborative and cross disciplinary research.
  7. Identify and encourage external funding and the financial autonomy of researchers.
  8. Develop a broader definition of research congruent with the age, size, and specific features of PMU.
  9. Integrate the industry applied strategic research findings in the teaching at the undergraduate and postgraduate Studies.
  10. Recognize and communicate the successes of our researchers internally and externally.
  11. Contribute to the attraction and retention of national and international scholars with well-renowned reputation.