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  1. PMU University’s postgraduate programs offer to the postgraduate students the unique educational and professional advantage of membership to its homegrown Postgraduate Student Association (PGSA).
  2. The PGSA acts as a co-curricular and social forum where students are prepared for dynamic and successful careers in the form of case studies competitions and business networking events with industry leaders, academics and trend-setters in the business arena.
  3. Students are also afforded market visibility and a voice with peers locally and internationally which can enhance their prospective or current career opportunities in a field where the competitive edge is essential and a solid track record is imperative.
  4. The PGSA also aims to improve students’ social lives and to make the educational journey at PMU a memorable one.

Admission of Students

  1. Both Genders
  2. Secondary school Graduates
  3. Saudi and non-Saudi nationals

Size of Students Body

  1. 1st Academic Year – 2006 (660 Students, males and females)
  2. Approximate Total Enrollment of 5,000 Students [3,000 Male and 2550 Female]; more than 264 faculty members from all over the world