Science & Technology Unit

About Unite:

The decision of Prince Mohammed bin Fahd University Rector to establish a Science and Technical Unit. Its role is to contribute to the discovery of new uses of existing resources in Saudi Arabia and to increase productivity, as well as detecting new resources, and developing innovative ways through scientific research for sustainable development in accordance with the Kingdom's Vision 2030. The Unit operates under the supervision of His Excellency Dr. Ali Chamkha the Dean of research, and is administered by a Ph.D. holder by appointment of the PMU Rector. The unit is linked directly with the senior management of PMU. The creation of a website for the unit is directly linked with the General Secretariat of the National Plan for Science and Technology, King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology.

Research Program:

Teams have been formed from PMU faculty members to conduct research in eight different areas. It has a total number of (26) faculty member: 8 Faculty members from the College of Engineering, 4 Faculty members from the College of Sciences and Computer Engineering, 3 Faculty members from the Faculty of Business Administration, 4 Faculty member from the Core program. Those groups have been selected on the basis of their research output in the last three years. The groups constitute researchers from various scientific disciplines. It has been open to any member of the PMU faculty member to any of these groups, which are as follows:

No Group Name Faculty Number
1 Energy Group 12 Faculty members
2 Cognitive Science Group 12 Faculty members
3 Quality and Assessment in Higher Education Group 13 Faculty members
4 Economic Development, Job Growth and work Force Group 7 Faculty members
5 Environment and Water Group 8 Faculty members
6 Cloud Computing and Network Security Group 7 Faculty members
7 Mathematical Sciences Group 7 Faculty members
8 Geotechnical and Geo-Environment Group 6 Faculty members
9 Transnational Crime Prevention Group 5 Faculty members
10 Nano Science Group 6 Faculty members
11 International Law & Human Rights Group 5 Faculty members
12 System Verification Group 5 Faculty members
13 Biomedical Signal/ Image Processing 6 Faculty members
14 Communication and Signal Processing Group 4 Faculty members
15 Finance Group 3 Faculty members