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Audio Visual
Audio visual section is responsible to provide audio visual services and support for all various avenues at the university and preparing new avenues projects with the high technology in Audio visual and control systems. PMU university is using high standard of AV systems technology and keen to offer the updated AV and control equipment such as the huge 4K Ultra high definitions screens ,touch panel controllers , Video conferencing, Ultrashort through projectors , Smart classes ,Smart interactive screens , Web streaming ,CCTV system and Digital Signage system .AV section main interest is to make sure that all systems working efficiently and maintained regularly .

Here are some of the Audio visual services:

  1. Running and controlling the Audio / video systems in the main Auditorium and supervisions the male & female lecture halls.
  2. Running and operating display screens spread throughout the university, as well as in the main cafeteria and corridors via digital Signage system.
  3. Managing Video conferencing systems and live broadcasters through LAN and the university channel on YouTube.
  4. Supervisions the operating of the main Conference room.
  5. Full supervision on the new projects of CCTV systems, which will cover all parts of the university, and the existing employees housing.
  6. The CCTV project will also cover the new housing project for employees.
  7. Supervisions the Student Support Center for male and Female which is a creative and useful project to improve students' Creative and educational capacities.
  8. Supervisions the Moot court project.
  9. Supervisions the queuing system for female admission and Registration Area.
  10. Supervisions the new meeting Room Project at the VIP hall with the highest standards and technology.
  11. Initiative projects such as Smart Digital Podium, Interactive touch screen and teaching smart digital podium school Lectern.

Suitable for use in:

  • ¬†Conference room, lecture hall, and meeting places.
  • Multimedia classroom of schools and universities.
  • Humanization design looks elegant.
  • Improve your presentation delivery with ease and confidence.
  • It integrate the technology of PC, display, AV, touching. So it is easy to deal with AV files, images, texts.

AV section employees set the design and solutions for initiative projects and upgrading the systems to be alignment with the emerging technology and keep the existed systems maintained and ready for any event.