Banner System
Banner is the main application systems and used by all stakeholders of Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU). It serves dual purpose for both academic and administrative functionalities. The former is for prospective students which allow them to register and submit their admission application on the internet. As for an enrolled PMU students, they can search and register for classes. The latter is for the faculty to manage course information, rosters, grading, and for student advising.

Banner System

The Banner Project for Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) consists of the following primary systems;
  • Banner Student Information System
  • Banner Finance
  • Banner Human Resources
  • Banner Financial Aid

The following are the Banner modules implemented in Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University;
  • General Person Module (Completed and Live)
  • Course Catalog Module (Completed and Live)
  • Class Schedule Module (Completed and Live)
  • General Student Module (Completed and Live)
  • Registration Module (Completed and Live)
  • Fees Assessment Module (Completed and Live)
  • Faculty Management Module (Completed and Live)
  • Job Submission/Population Selection/Letter Generation (Completed and In-use)
  • Admission Module (Completed and Live)
  • Academic History Module (Completed and Live)
  • Self Service Registration Module (Completed and Live)
  • Account Receivable Module (Completed and Live)
  • Self Service Admission Module (Completed and Live)
  • Faculty Self Service Module (Completed and Live)
  • Recruitment Module (Completed and Live)
  • CAPP  (Completed)
  • Housing Module (Completed)
  • Financial Aid Module (Completed)

We go live for the Banner Student Self Service in the year 2007; wherein students can register for a course on-line, print their class schedule, and view Academic Transcript in-campus and off-campus for as long as they have internet connection.
Previously, PMU Admission Office used the .xml format in receiving admission applications at PMU official Website which is then integrated into MSAccess Database to filter and print the applications. Admission Department enters the applicant's information manually in Banner to create admission application. Last June 2008, PMU launches the Banner Self Service Admission wherein prospective students can submit their application on-line through Banner, and after three months of going live, PMU received almost two thousand of applications. To reduce the load of Registration Office in entering the student Final Grades and printing of class schedule, in the same year we go live for Faculty Self Service that allows Faculty and Advisors to review their class load schedule, review the class roster for the classes they are teaching and the ability to enter final grades.
Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd University (PMU) was upgraded from Banner 7.2 into Banner 7.4.1 so as to ensure the system stability, and to improve and extend its functionality. Banner 7.4.1 is integrated to Luminis Platform IV (Portal) using the single sign-on. PMU is the first university that implements Luminis Platform IV in the kingdom.
Due to our ITD/MIS Team teamwork, synergy, and harmony we achieved the major projects and goals despite some difficulties.