IT Goal
The PMU will direct its efforts toward a number of targeted goals, each of which will bring the university closer to achieving its mission and realizing its vision.
  • Respect and advance Saudi cultural values in a changing learning environment.
  • Provide students with the superior technology infrastructure that will equip them with the technology skills to function in the current and emerging working environments.
  • Provide faculty with the superior technology infrastructure that enables them to excel in the delivery of effective instruction.
  • Provide administrators with a cost effective, flexible, reliable, and secure IT environment that meets the business needs of the university.
  • Provide technology tools to facilitate effective student support services.
  • Provide an IT governance structure that includes university faculty, students, and staff as well as industry in a collaborative environment.

Regardless of whether they are directed toward administrators, faculty, students, or the university community as a whole, each of these goals contains elements that will assist students in developing characteristic PMU competencies.
The university's technology-infused environment will naturally develop information literacy and familiarity with technology itself. It will also help students achieve skills in critical thinking and reasoning, a global awareness, and abilities in teamwork and leadership. These competencies are whose person skills that will make it possible for the individual student and the university to make valuable contributions to the business community and life in the Kingdom.