IT Mission
In order to achieve its vision of a technology-enabled, learning-centered environment, the PMU will develop a set of core technology competencies and areas of expertise:
  • Infuse information and educational technologies into all curricula and learning programs.
  • Ensure that the university administration will utilize an integrated management information system.
  • Incorporate IT into the facility design.
  • Focus IT services on employing contemporary technologies that keep up with the world's changing technology environment.

Using technology, the PMU will be able to tailor instruction and focus the development of competencies to each student's needs and abilities. It will be able to provide skills and knowledge that foster independent learning during the university years and build an ethic of learning that continues throughout the lives of PMU graduates. Technology will enable faculty to enhance their own abilities, create richer learning experiences by bringing more resources into the classroom, and give students a more interactive learning experience. It will help instruct students in personal skills and capabilities as well as academic content. Finally, technology will assist the university in creating an assessment process that not only measures what students already have achieved, but helps direct them to the capabilities they need to develop in the future.