World Scientific Publishing is a leading international independent publisher of books and journals for the scientific, research and professional communities. World Scientific collaborates with prestigious organizations such as the Nobel Foundation and the US National Academies Press, and is the exclusive publisher of the Nobel Lectures. The publisher's core areas of research include physics and astronomy, mathematics, chemistry, computer science, engineering, ecology, medicine, business and economics. The World Scientific Complete eJournal Collection contains over 140 international peer-reviewed journals, including 21 full open access journals, and around 100 journals that are included in Scopus Q1 or Q2 (CiteScore).
Kluwer Law Online is a collection of thirty journals, nine manuals, and twenty-five International Encyclopaedia of Law volumes focused on key aspects of international law.
Kluwer Law Online provide timely and authoritative information and insight into the latest developments in international, regional, and national legislation, regulation, and case law.
Digital Book Platform features 14 different practice areas of international law, containing 3,000+ book titles.
Digital Book Platform