IT Vision
The PMU is synonymous with and identified as the leading IT-based institution in the international region. The ultimate goal of this technology vision is to make it possible for the PMU to create a learning-centered environment.
The infusion of technology into the university environment will enable students to obtain the information they need, when and where they need it, so they can effectively pursue their goals of academic excellence and professional competencies.

This vision is supported by underlying values and principles:
  • Information technology serves the mission of the university.
  • To the extent possible, IT will preserve Saudi values.
  • IT will serve to help protect intellectual property.
  • IT will be convenient, high-quality, and user-friendly.
  • IT will not consume an inappropriate portion of the PMUs budget.

Though central to distinguishing the university from other institutions in the Kingdom, technology at PMU will never be an end unto itself. Technology will be a tool that assists students in building their professional competencies, abilities in critical thinking, skills in problem solving, and dedication to leadership and teamwork.