Message from the Director
Department of Industry & Business RelationsThe gap between academia and the industry has been as still is a challenge that all universities aim to bridge. Ideally, the more the university is integrated to, and mindful of, the industry needs and expectations, the better the university’s contribution will be to the community it operates in. Achieving this requires tight partnership between the university and the industry which allows it to better understand the market demand in terms preparing its graduates accordingly. The establishment of the department of industrial and business relations demonstrates PMU’s determination towards achieving such goal. Ultimately, the objective of this department is to provide support to all deanships and departments in PMU to promote the university’s linkage and contribution to the industrial community and all stakeholders. This can be achieved by initiating and hosting any activities-within or external to PMU’s campus-in alignment with the university’s strategic goals.

Sincerely yours,

Dr. Esam A. Halawani
Director of Industry and Business Relations.

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