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PRPC 0021- Beginning Communication

PRPC0021 is a course for beginner-proficiency EFL learners. This course introduces the learner to (1) reading for comprehension by developing reading skills, (2) active and minimal passive vocabulary acquisition, (3) speaking for general communicative purposes, and (4) active listening for comprehension and production of an appropriate response. In a classroom based on an integrative approach – comprised of student-centered, interactive activities – the learner acquires beginning-level communicative competence in reading, vocabulary, speaking, and listening. Extensive follow-up practice takes place with the use of EFL software.
Prerequisite: This course has no prerequisite. Assignment to course level follows placement tests at the beginning of the Preparation Program.

PRPC0041 - Intermediate Communication

PRPC0041 is a course for Intermediate-proficiency EFL learners. This course provides students with intermediate listening, reading comprehension, speaking, and vocabulary skills. Through reading, students are encouraged to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. By identifying main ideas and supporting details they become better in analyzing a written text. The listening activities help students identify and understand material organization and patterns. Vocabulary-building prepare students for the PMU Advanced Preparation Level and Core academics. Students learn to follow oral directions, participate in discussions, and make both group and individual academic presentations. Moreover, students improve their teamwork and leadership skills through various group work activities. Finally, extensive follow-up practice takes place with the use of EFL software (DynEd) and TOEFL content materials and methods of testing.
Prerequisite : Successful completion of Beginner Communication PRPC0021 or assignment to intermediate level following placements tests at the beginning of the Preparation Program.  

PRPC0061 - Advanced Communication

PRPC 0061 is the final Communication course for the English preparation program. Communication includes vocabulary, reading, listening, and speaking and builds on skills and practice from the first two levels. The course concentrates specifically on preparing students for the academic demands of their university credit courses. Those demands include learning from substantive and lengthy readings, lectures, students notes from lectures, learning the vocabulary needed for their major, and making formal presentations. This course also includes two hours per week of computer-based language instruction (DynEd) and classroom-based instruction in TOEFL content and methods of testing. The advanced communication class is the opportunity to correct past problems and acquire new skills.
Prerequisite : Successful completion of Intermediate Communication PRPC0041 or assignment to advanced level following placements tests at the beginning of the Preparation Program.


PRPW 0021 -Beginning Writing

PRPW0021 is a beginning writing course that provides a strong foundation in English grammar with acquisition of present and past verb tenses (simple and progressive forms), an introduction to present perfect, comparative forms of adjectives and adverbs, as well as adverb clauses, present modals, and two-word verbs. Students learn to apply the grammar at the beginning level in writing and speaking, focusing on monitoring for accurate use of the language. Basic paragraph-writing skills are formed through an introduction to the writing process as students learn pre-writing, drafting, revising, and peer-editing techniques. They begin serious work in the structure of the paragraph, with focus on the topic sentence , supporting details and concluding sentence. After a focus on narration and description, the rhetorical patterns of process, cause and effect, and comparison are added. Mechanics is a major component of the class, including capitalization, punctuation, word order, and paragraph format. Both phonics and sight words are used to develop beginning English spelling. Students are expected to apply new grammatical structures in their writing as well as their speaking and to use word processing for their compositions.
Prerequisite : This course has no prerequisite. Assignment to beginner level following placement tests at the beginning of the Preparation Program.  

PRPW 0041 - Intermediate Writing

PRPW 0041 is an intermediate writing course that provides intermediate level skills in English grammar and writing, including spelling of frequently used words. It introduces and reviews major grammar points, such as verb tenses, subject/verb agreement, nouns, pronouns, articles, adjectives, and complex sentence structure. In addition, the course introduces academic writing styles used at PMU in Advanced and Core classes. Research and documentation skills will also be introduced. Students will be introduced to the concepts of summarizing and paraphrasing information and how to support their own opinions and ideas with personal knowledge and outside research.
Prerequisite : Successful completion of Beginner Writing PRPW0021 or assignment to intermediate level following placements tests at the beginning of the Preparation Program.

Advanced Writing

PRPW0061 is the advanced writing course and the final level in the English preparation program. It builds on skills and practice from the first two levels. The course concentrates specifically on preparing students for the academic writing required in their university credit courses. This includes applying the writing process with an emphasis on editing and revising, and using research. Grammar instruction is designed as a final opportunity to review past learning and correct problems and as the time to become skilled at advanced sentence structures and style.
Prerequisite : Successful completion of Intermediate Writing PRPW0041 or assignment to intermediate level following placements tests at the beginning of the Preparation Program.


PRPE is the enhanced learning course for all students in the Preparation program. The purpose of the Enhanced Learning course is to provide practice with listening and speaking, both in and out of the classroom. This course uses DynEd, a computer software program that allows students to practice listening to information and conversations. The software also allows students to practice recording and listening to their voice and has a speech recognition feature to help them with speech pacing and accent reduction. By using DynEd software, students improve their listening comprehension , speaking accuracy by repeating sentences that they hear in the program and answering questions using the Speech Recognition software, and improve their grammar accuracy through correctly answering and repeating grammar exercises in the DynEd program.


Theories and Application of Learning I (Study Skills 1)- PRPL 0011

PRPL 0011 is the Study Skills course for Intermediate intake students at PMU. This course aims to increase the opportunity for success of first year students by teaching proven academic learning strategies requiring in-depth analysis and consistent application, resulting in academic success and preparation for professional careers. These skills and strategies include organization skills, time management, note-taking, working with others, critical analytical thinking, presentations, research skills using E-brary and the library databases, test taking strategies and use of technology (Microsoft software applications) for class and homework assignments. The successful student will master a repertoire of skills that will provide great benefit to their professional careers, and enable them to become effective lifelong learners.

Theories and Application of Learning II ( Study Skills 2) – PRPL 0012

This course aims to give students an insight into Information Technology. It will assist in preparing the students for academic success for their professional careers. The skills include being able to create professional word documents, spreadsheets and presentations using Microsoft Office software package. It also includes the use of Internet Explorer to conduct research. Furthermore, the student will learn the ethical responsibilities of using the internet to conduct research.


The goal of the Mathematics component of the PMU Preparation Program is to enhance students’ understanding of mathematics in the English language as well as to prepare them for the study of college-level mathematics. Students entering PMU may possess some of the pre-requisite skills to do college-level mathematics, but they will need additional practice to be competent in college-level mathematics in English. The instructional strategies and assessments for these Preparation mathematics courses are designed to give students a necessary review of pre-college mathematics as well as to provide practice in speaking and writing about mathematics in English.  
Upon entering the PMU Preparation Year Program, all students will take a standardized mathematics placement exam. Students scoring 45 or higher on the ACT COMPASS Algebra Test; or 40 or higher on the ACT ASSET Elementary Algebra Test; and a Band 6.0 or higher on the IELTS English proficiency test or equivalent (with a minimum of Band 5.0 on each test component) may bypass PRPM 0011, and take PRPM 0012 or PRPM 0022 depending on their intended major. Whether or not a student achieves advanced placement, he or she must satisfactorily complete either PRPM 0012 or PRPM 0022 to continue into the college credit programs of PMU.
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