Revised Course Catalog

COEN 2411: Circuits I (0,3,1) -

This course covers important theory in DC and AC circuits analysis. Topics include a review of the solution of simultaneous equations; Kirchoff's Current and Voltage Laws; nodal and mesh circuit analysis; superposition; source transformations; Thevenin and Norton Equivalent circuits; ideal op-amps; and RC, RL, and RLC circuits. Prerequisites: MATH 1324: Calculus III, PHYS 1422: Physics for Engineers II. Concurrent registration for: COEN 2111: Circuits Lab. Completion of or concurrent registration for: MATH 2332: Differential Equations.

COEN 3323: Digital Systems (2,3,3) -

This course addresses the understanding and design of digital systems. Topics progress through Boolean algebra and logic gates; combinational logic; sequential logic and synchronous sequential logic systems; and design of logic circuits. Prerequisites: COEN 2311: Circuits I, COEN 2111: Circuits I Lab. 

COEN 3421: Electronics I (3,3,4) -

This course is the first of two courses in the use of electronic devices in analog and digital circuits. The lecture component covers device physics and modeling of op-amps, diodes, FETs, and BJTs; single and multi-stage amplifiers; differential amplifiers; feedback; frequency response; Bode plots. Laboratory component covers generation and acquisition of signals; current, voltage, and impedance measurements; transfer function measurement; and spectrum measurements and analysis. Prerequisites:   COEN 2311: Circuits I, COEN 2111: Circuits I Lab. Completion of concurrent registration for: COEN 3312: Circuits II.

COEN 3361: Computer Networks (3,0,3

) This course examines the structural and theoretical issues underlying networks. Data communication principles and protocols, network structures and open systems are discussed. Prerequisite: GEIT 1412: Computer Science II.

COEN 4322: Digital Signal Processing (2,3,3)

The course presents an overview of the nature of signals, the algorithms and techniques used to process those signals and the applications to which digital signal processing can be usefully put. Prerequisite: COEN 3322: Signals and Systems.

COEN 4361: Operating Systems (3,0,3)

This course is the study of the principles, purposes, and organization of operating systems. The goal is to prepare students an understanding of the theory as well as practices of the design and implementation of operating systems software. Prerequisites: GEIT 1311: Computer Organization, GEIT 2421: Data Structures.


COEN 4413: Embedded Systems (3,1,4)

In this project-based course, students will design and develop an application for an embedded systems platform, and then investigate low-level performance tuning and optimization. Prerequisite: GEIT 2421: Data Structures, GEIT 3351: Principles of Software Engineering, COSC 4361: Operating Systems.
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