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Admission from the Preparatory Program

Criteria and Procedure

In order to move from the Preparatory Program to degree studies at one of the PMU colleges, students must meet the following criteria:
  • Preparatory Program Certificate of Completion: Successful completion of the PMU Preparatory Program (English writing and communication, mathematics, and study skills).
  • PMU Placement Test Results: For students seeking admission to advanced courses required by certain majors, demonstration of subject matter proficiency on placement exams in math, physics, and chemistry.
  • Interview: An interview in English with a PMU faculty representative from the degree program to which the student is applying.
  • Essay: An essay in English directed to both the PMU English writing and communications faculty and the faculty of the degree program to which the student is applying.

Required Courses in the Preparation Program

The PMU Preparatory Program concentrates on English language, mathematics, and study skills and learning strategies. English language, study skills, and the first semester math course, PRPM 0011: Introductory Algebra, are required of all students. However, during the second semester of mathematics, students have a choice of two tracks, depending on their desired major at the university. The various college and majors require the following second semester mathematics course:
  • College of Engineering : PRPM 0022: Pre-Calculus
  • Department of Interior Design: PRPM 0012: Intermediate Algebra
  • College of Business Administration: PRPM 0012: Intermediate Algebra
  • College of CLES – College of Computer Engineering & Science
  • Department of Information Technology:- PRPM:- 0012 Intermediate

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