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  • Increase the effectiveness of Operation and Maintenance Department through the proper training of the maintenance personnel and career development.
  • Provide Excellent Services to all PMU members (faculty, staff, and students) through offering well-maintained educational environment.
  • Procurement of new buses.
  • Certifying the PMU Cafeteria (HACCP, IPP and ISO).
  • Arranging the Traffic Plan in the University
  • Implement Preventive Maintenance Plan to all buildings and housing compounds.
  • Have a full-dedicated Maintenance Team supported by all the needed tools and equipments.
  • Maintenance Team should cover all maintenance activities in PMU Campus and Housing Campuses.
  • Apply Quality Management System to all activities and process in the Department.
  • Improve the process of the offices allocations to follow the original layout and speed-up the process of offices allocations.
  • Improve the communication and coordination with other departments to achieve to the most reliable method to increase the efficiency of work ant proper time planning.
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