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Abqaiq - Half-moon Highway Design with Reinforced Concrete Bridge Design Section

Project Overview

Eastern province region occupies a high and important position in the economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and also in the world, it owns the largest oil reserves in the world in this region as it is an important commercial port that sits on the Arabian Gulf Sea, and where the Aramco oil company is located, it is a global and major producer of products and its derivatives, even though it represents as high area of fish wealth products zone, as well as products The various industrial zones, due to the multiplicity of the industrial areas in them, so we find that the population growth in the eastern province region is fast, as it represents a fertile environment for investors and businessmen, which contributed to the increasing numbers of engineers, industrialists and technicians, and it has to increase the number of health practitioners, and other areas that serve the worker in those regions and their families. Moreover, with this the population began to increase until the number of residents exceeded approximately 6 million people, and the numbers are still increasing, so it was necessary to study the side effect of this population increase, as well as commercial and industrial growth in the region, on traffic specifically.
Here, the actual effects on traffic will be studied for one of the most important highways in the eastern province region, which is that Dammam – Abqaiq road, and then a supporting road is proposed for it, which the direction will go to the northeast of Alhassa Province in the south to link the Khobar – Salwa Costal road. Engineers, construction studies and evaluation of it is environmental impact, it is economic returns. This our senior project design of design Transportation as a main project and Structural Bridge design as a sub project cross over the railway on the Civil Engineering department where ours the KSA highways network spread in a wide range and that a cause of trade inflated and facilitate mobility at super speed with ease comfortability road user. Our studies focused on geometric design and respect safety aim to improve highway network design and to eliminate the location. The side effects of design elements such as the horizontal and vertical alignment, lane width per one direction, shoulder and median service width, precast girder properties of design, traffic date, curve radius, stop sight distance, etc.
According on safety has been studied. The relationship between geometric design elements and accident rates is complex and not fully understood. In additional, Structural bridge design same situation we miss touches of structural assistant likewise we achieved our goal of completing two projects as main and sub main projects in one time, relatively little information is available on relationships between geometric design elements and accident rates. Although it has been clarifying and shown in this project in the coming pages, road geometric design elements and characteristics are taken into consideration. Prince Mohammed bin Fahad University, the directives and approval from deanship and facility with all respect.

Project Objectives

  1. Geometrical design of the highway.
  2. Structural design of the pavement (including drainage).
  3. Structural and geotechnical design of a single span RC bridge.
  4. Cost estimation.
  5. Project constraints.