College of Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
Laboratories Software Equipment
M.E. LAB 1   Temperature Measurement Bench
  Convection Radiation Unit
  Thermal Conductivity Apparatus
  Sterling Engine
  Boiling Heat Transfer
  Heat Exchanger Service Unit
  Steam Engine Bench
  Refrigeration Laboratory Unit
  Heat Transfer Service Unit
N.I. Labview Computer Controlled Boiling Heat Transfer Unit
N.I. Labview Computer Controlled  Thermal Solar Energy Basic Unit
Cassy Lab II Air Bench/Wind Tunnel
Cassy Lab II Sterling Engine Unit with Data Acquisition
  Solar Energy Trainer
  Mini Solar Thermal Collector (Manual)
  Heat pump (varmepumpe)
M.E. LAB 2 N.I. Labview Machine Health Monitoring Trainer (MHMT)
N.I. Labview Strength of Materials
Vibration Lab SQi Spectra Machinery Fault Simulator Magnum System
SQi Spectra Machiner Fault Simulator
SQi Spectra Vibration Fundamentals Trainer
Measurements & Instrumentation Flow and Temperature Lab N. I. Labview Measurement Trainer - Flow MTF001
N. I. Labview Measurement Trainer - Temperature MTT001
Process Control Lab N. I. Labview Process Trainer PT-001