Design of 11-Story Building Using RCC & CLT

Project Overview

Saudi Arabia has built up major economical, educational, engineering, and commercial projects that will help making Saudi Arabia more an advanced, stable, and more secure condition to be more pulled in by investors and tourists. In order catch up with the urban renaissance that has been happening in Saudi Arabia and as an effective element of the vision of 2030.In this manner, we pick the eastern area to set up our project, where the city has been receiving numerous conservatives and designing activities over the most recent couple of years.

We choose Al-Raka because it’s one of the most important districts in the eastern province, and the second reason that lots of the big Saudi and foreign companies are in that area along with a couple of international hotels, which makes that area the perfect spot for our project.

Our design project is the design of a 11story building using two different slab floor systems which are; Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC), and Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). The building has a total area of about 3000m2. The building is an 11-story building, the first 2 stories are designed to serve as a commercial followed by 7 story which will be used as a residential also the building has a 2 story basement parking lots.

Project Objectives

One of the main objectives of the senior design project is designing a unique Eleven story using two different slab floor systems (RCC) & (CLT). Afterward, the analysis of (RCC) & (CLT) slabs floor systems is to be performed to compare the advantages and disadvantages between both systems.