Design of 30 Storeys RC & CLT Tower in Dammam

Project Overview

Given that there is no such a tower in this district, we decided to design a multistory tower facility. Multistory buildings generally have known as a tall building being higher than 23 meters or at least seven stories. Our objective is to catch up with the most developed countries where a high-rise building used for residential, recreational and commercial purposes. We have decided that our project design will be located in the eastern province specifically in Dammam city where this city has been effectively contributing in numerous activities to implement the vision of 2030. We have chosen Al Corniche road as a vital road where most events and activities happened there, also it connects between Dammam and Saihat cities. Moreover, our location will fascinate temporary residents who visit Dammam and allow them to pursue their work comfortably here. We have decided to design a high-rise building that has 30 stories used mainly for commercial offices and residential purposes. We have selected to use Reinforced Concrete (RC) and Cross-Laminated Temper (CLT) materials to design our project. The building has a total height of 136 m within an area of 3360 m2. The first five basement floors and the ground floor will be design for parking area. The next fourteen floors will be for commercial uses. Lastly, the sixteen next floors will be for residential purposes, where will be a unique design inspired us from Malaysia to have a recreational area linked for the residential purposes on the fifteenth to the seventeenth floor immediately above the commercial stories.

Project Objectives

Our objective is to prepare a structural and geotechnical design of a high-rise building of a 30 storeys to be used for commercial, recreational and residential purposes. Also develop a 3D design using ETABS and determine the cost estimation located at Dammam city.