Design of Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant in Al Jubail

Project Overview

A design project is prepared for the treatment and management of wastewater generated in the new campus facilities area and a primary wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) is designed. The objective was to reduce the pressure on the existing WWTP of Al Jubail Industrial city. Various components of primary WWTP are receiving chamber, bar screen, grit chamber; sedimentation, aeration tank and secondary sedimentation are designed by considering the various standards and permissible limits. The design period of the plant is 25 years to serve the population of 82030 dwellers who will generate about 16,406m3/d of wastewater. If this untreated wastewater discharge to the environment it could be a great threat to the public health and hazard to the environment. Therefore, the proposed project is a solution to the community problem to make living safe and healthy.

In order to protect the environment, small scale Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was carried out. Study shows that there will be no significant environmental impact due to the proposed plant during construction as well as during operation and the proposed wastewater treatment plant is environment friendly. Basic design with hydraulic and structural aspect was completed. Receiving chamber is a rectangular unit that has a dimension of 8m x 4m x 2m (length width and height respectively), a 0.8 m wide bar screen having 28 bars provided. Bar screen also checked for expected head loss and found to be within limits. Plant has a rectangular grit chamber with dimension of 8m x 4m x 2m. Rectangular primary settling tank also provided at the end of primary treatment with dimension of 26m x 13m x 5m respectively. Study is recommending for monitoring the influent and effluent quality parameters periodically to ensure the safety of the environment and quality of treated wastewater. Proper housekeeping and vigilance at the site during operation also recommended.

Some recommendations also were made to extend the design project work such as inclusion of more design alternative solutions considering economy, environment as well as ease of operation. Inclusion of structural and hydraulic design of pumping station, plant control room, visitors' room and parking area. Finally, it is also recommended to extend the future work for tertiary level treatment.

Project Objectives

The project is aimed to design a primary wastewater treatment plant to serve the community; the following are the objectives of the project:

  • To select a suitable location for the proposed wastewater treatment plant near the new Al-Jubail district.
  • To decide about typical wastewater characteristics based on literature review.
  • To estimate the volume of wastewater generated from the new Al-Jubail district.
  • To estimate the volume of wastewater to be generated during the design period of 25 years.
  • To design the primary wastewater treatment units for the estimated wastewater.
  • To assess the environmental impact of the proposed wastewater treatment plant considering the flora, fauna and the proximity of residential area.

The final objective of the proposed design project is to provide basic information for any future actual design of wastewater treatment plant for the new Al-Jubail district.