Design of High-Rise Building on Soft Clayed Soil

Project Overview

A thirteen-story commercial-residential building that is located in Jizan city (KSA) is analyzed and designed. This investigation is performed in two stages, in this case structural and geotechnical design. The structure is modeled using 3D solid elements using ETABS software. ETABS software is a powerful software one can use for analyzing and designing of any structure. The preliminary design is used to get the initial column size and slabs thicknesses, whereas for slabs two-way flat-plate slab system is used. For the geotechnical design, saturated clay is available at the construction site which leads to select the mat foundation as the best option under the structure loads. Conventional strip method is used to design the mat foundation assuming the foundation is rigid. Lastly, steel rebar is determined for columns, slabs, and mat foundation. A typical structural detail of each is provided.

Main results:
  1. Two-way solid slab with 26 cm thickness
  2. Square columns of 50 cm and100 cm width
  3. Piled-raft foundation with 150 cm thickness

Project Objectives

In any structural system, there are many alternatives that can be used; successful engineer is the one who can make the right choice depending on the serviceability, safety and economy. This project is intended to analyze and design a thirteen-story residential and commercial building.

The main objectives of the project are summarized as follows:
  1. Preliminary design of the structural members.
  2. Select the most compatible structural systems depending.
  3. Modeling the whole building using ETABS software.
  4. Geotechnical design of the appropriate foundation system. The soil foundation of the present project is composed mainly of soft clayey soil.


Final Report


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