Design of a Miniature Wind Turbine for Automobiles

Project Overview

This project aims at designing a miniature wind turbine to be installed on top of an automobile and will be capable of charging a battery (12 V). This project involves the design and manufacture of the wind turbine to be attached on top of an automobile [ to benefit from the harvest power from the wind speed due to height of automobile]. The project is anticipated to help drivers, especially truck drivers to avoid keeping the engine running for long periods of time and utilize energy during idle times. Keeping the engine running will cause air pollution, waste of fuel, maintenance costs, and environmental noise. The aim of the current project is to be able to produce power from a wind source without compromising the current electromechanical system or efficiency of the automobile. The designed wind turbine will contain alternator generator, battery, fan, cavity, Voltage Regulator, 12 V transformer, and design of a detachable fixture to be mounted on truck top.

Project Objectives

The objectives of this project are to:
  • Design a miniature wind turbine for automobile
  • Design a proper attachment and cabling
  • Harvest wind energy, reduce costs and pollutions for automobiles


Final Report