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Geotechnical Design of a Star Flyer Tower (Six Flags) Projected Nearby a Slope

Project Overview

The project is about redesigning and modeling a 60 story building, by creating four different models using two frame type, and two different floor systems. The two types of frames are reinforced concrete and a steel frame. Moreover, the project will implement new type of floor system which is the ultra-lightweight floor system. Basically, the project is going to compare the traditional reinforce concrete floor system with ultra-lightweight floor system in reinforce concrete and steel frames. A specific type of ultra-lightweight floor system will be used in the project which is cross laminated timber. The objective of this project is to redesign the 60 story building using hand calculation and computer programs, based on reinforce concrete slab and use the same conditions to compare the results with cross laminated timber slab. Also, one of the main objectives of the project is to check the overall structural performance of reinforce concrete frame with the different floor system, and the steel frame with the different floor system under gravity loads, and lateral loads. Furthermore, the project is going to investigate the foundation demand of the four models. In order to design the high-rise building, a literature review is conducted about the new technologies and methods that are used today for designing tall buildings, also an interview type survey is conducted with structural and architectural engineers in Saudi Arabia to check their awareness of the new ultra-lightweight floor systems. ETABS and SAP2000 is going to be used for the modeling to check the overall structural performance of the four models. CLT have significantly reduced the building the building weight and foundation demand. The combination of steel frame with CLT slab was the lightest and gave an opportunity for farther reduction in the material usage.

Project Objectives

The project is composed by the following stages or parts:
  1. Design 60 story building.
  2. Develop 3D models using ETABS for 60 story buildings.
  3. Compare the CLT floor system with traditional RC floor system.
  4. Check the overall structural performance using ETABS.
  5. Check foundation demand.


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