Welcome to the webpage of the Mechanical Engineering Department at PMU. We are extremely thrilled for your visit and hope that our webpage will find its way to your bookmarks and favorites. Please allow us to introduce our department briefly.

The young Mechanical Engineering Department at Prince Mohammed Bin Fahd University attracts the largest number of students compared to our two sister departments. We are very proud of our continuous expanding and to be capable of delivering a day and night courses to suit the needs of our students. Our students, which we are proud to serve, are either full time day students or part time hard working individuals who are thriving to a degree of recognition. We consider ourselves fortunate to be in this part of the world, where industry is prosperous and our students work eagerly to join the young force and make a difference. We will leave no venue to equip them with all the technicalities and communication skills required and we ensure this is happening through a dedicated team of professionals and a state of the arts labs and teaching rooms.