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Structural & Foundation Design Of A Two Story Villa Structure At Alnahdhah District

Project Overview

Residential villa was and still a primary structure in any country. The 2030 vision states that it is essential to find suitable and affordable housing solutions to enable every citizen to own their own house. Therefore, this project is about providing an affordable villa by designing the structure and the foundation.
A three-story house, located in Al Nahdhah district (Dammam) in a residential area, is analyzed and designed. Two modifications of the project were considered, in this case, reinforced concrete and CLT structure. For each variance, the study is in two steps; structural and geotechnical design. The structure is performed in preliminary calculations then modelling using ETABS software. ETABS software is an essential helping tool in structural engineering, where it helps analyze the structure and provides different view options of the building. The geotechnical part of this project is about designing the foundation (shallow foundation), then designing the settlements.

Project Objectives

  1. The project purpose is to calculate and design a two story building that is intended to be a villa, and to do that it is required to follow the American Concrete Institute. ACI.: (2014). Building code requirements for structural concrete (ACI 318-14)0.
  2. long with the Saudi Building code: (Saudi Building Code structural requirements; Loading and Forces (301), Soil and Foundations (303), Concrete Structures (304)).