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Structural & Geotechnical Design of Alkhawther SEC Substation (13.8 kV) with reinforced concrete and precast

Project Overview

The population increase in Saudi Arabia is increasing dramatically in the past years, this increase of population needs to develop a facilities and different types of services. Moreover, electricity services are one of the most urgently required facilities in each newly built district. Our project aims to build an electrical station in Al-Khobar city named “Alkhawther”. This station includes the main building of the station with an area of about 275 square meters of the total land of about 1100 m2. Moreover, the station includes the electrical components like transformers, capacitors and the boundary wall surrounding the area. In this project we used our knowledge and what we have learned to design the structural elements from the slabs, beams, columns and finally footings of the main building. Moreover, we repeated the design of the building by using both types cast in place and precast concrete, to compare the results and select the suitable and optimum design.

Additionally, we have some electrical systems in the station, such as transformers, capacitors, and so on, which are a unique category of equipment. We built a footing for each of those components.

We used structural modeling programs like ETABS to design and validate our design elements in this project. The structural elements of the main building were designed using this program. Finally, we calculated the price for each design option either in situ or precast, and then we applied for a quotation in ALMARSHAD Group Co. to check our calculations and to understand the real-life price estimation.

Project Objectives

  1. The geotechnical and structural design for a SEC substation.
  2. Supplying Alkhawther district with the needed electricity.
  3. Using reinforced concrete and precast concrete.