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Structural & Geotechnical Design of RCC/Steel Commercial and Residential Triple Towers

Project Overview

Saudi Arabia announced its 2030 Vision a few years ago, which focuses on improving the country’s productivity and diversifying its economy in order to cut its reliance on oil as the main income source. However, the vision covers much larger areas than just that. One of the other goals is to turn Saudi Arabia into a tempting international location for investors. In order to reach these goals, the demand for more modern and sophisticated construction projects has risen. The country is in need for more towers and high-rise buildings in order to catch up with the rest of the developed world in terms of infrastructure. For this reason, the decision was made to design 3 connected towers to be used for residential and commercial purposes. The tower is to be located in Khobar, an important city with a considerably small number of towers.
This report shows every step made towards designing these towers. The towers were designed using two different materials for comparison purposes, RCC and Steel. This report covers every detail such as the layout, structural codes, preliminary design, reinforcement, computer analysis, and geotechnical design. In addition, the two different material properties are compared in terms of cost and efficiency.
The report was written as clearly as possible in order to make it easier for the reader/reviewer to understand the process from the very first step to the very end. Every aspect of the proposed project is hopefully covered by this report, which is named Twenty-Thirty-Towers.

Project Objectives

The structural and geotechnical design of three identical 30-storey towers that are structurally connected to one another from the top. The project is located in Khobar near Kempinski Hotel and it is meant to provide residential and commercial services for the general population of Khobar.