The Highway Design of Al Hofuf Western Ring Road in Al Ahsa

Project Overview

The Eastern Province is one of the largest and most important regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), as it contains the largest oil fields in the world. This leads to its rapid growth in economic terms. Thanks to Saudi Aramco which has become the largest producer of oil in the industry. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's economy heavily depends on this giant oil production company. Its industrial and commercial growth due to its presence on the Arabian Gulf contains a considerable fish wealth and contains an important seaport, which led to the ease of transporting goods and materials to and from them. This has resulted in significant population growth. It has made an important region for investors and businessmen at inside and outside KSA. This has led to a significant increase in technicians, engineers, doctors, and various other fields that serve the region.

Furthermore, because of these remarkable developments in industry and trade, the eastern region's population is increasing dramatically. Moreover, this significantly affects the traffic movement in the area, especially on the airport roads, due to the presence of many travelers to and from the region daily due to the presence of a large number of foreigners in the area with their families because of work. Here, the completion of the Western Ring Road in Al-Ahsa will be studied to facilitate travelers' movement. And to carry out educational and engineering studies, economic returns, and environmental impact.

This senior highway planning initiative for the Department of Civil Engineering at Prince Mohammed bin Fahad University is a topic of prime importance. Road congestion and road noise Incidents that have contributed to severe social and economic problems. Geometric design research based on safety and protection is aiming at enhancing highway design and removing hazardous locations. The consequences of Design components such as horizontal and vertical curves, width of the road, width of the shoulder, super-elevation, Median distance, Radius curve, Sight scope, etc., has been researching for safety. It is complex and not well understood the relationship between geometric design and accident rates. There is very little evidence available on the relationships between elements of geometric architecture and rate of injuries. While very restricting geometric elements such as geometric components have been clearly showing, very short visual intervals or a sharp horizontal curve contribute to dramatically higher crash rates and accident rates. That such combinations of elements cause a terrible problem with an injury. In this company, the geometric architectural elements and functions of the road are taking into account.

Project Objectives

  1. Finding the right path of the proposed road economically;
  2. Analyzing and predicting traffic movements through the new highway;
  3. Investigating the soil to neglect any land deformation after commencing the road construction;
  4. Designing geometric alignments for the safety of the users;
  5. Designing pavement layers that is suitable to the road; and
  6. Designing a hydraulic system that facilitate the drainage of water on the road.