Undergraduate Fees :: Tuition & Fees
Undergraduate Fees

Fee Types

Different types of fees charged to the student. Below are they:
1 Admission Fee non-refundable SAR 525 (incl. VAT)
2 Term fees SR 29,000 paid by the term.
Term fees Details
1.2 Tuition fee SR 22,500.00 (12 and above billing hours)
2.2 University fee SR 6,500.00  
Annual fees SR 58,000

Tuition Fee Details

  • Students who enrolled 12 billing hours and above should be charged a fixed amount of SAR 22,500 (Full Time).
  • Student who enrolled below 12 billing hours should be charged per hour. The cost per billing hour is SAR 1,875 (Part Time).
  • Admissions fee amounting to SAR 500 should be charged and paid by new students before taking the placement test or the entrance exam.
  • Term fees are fixed amounts applied to all full-time students based on the number of registered hours per term. Cost for the textbook, educational-software are included
  • VAT will be applied as per Regulations General.

Administrative & Non-Administrative Fee (before the VAT)

Services Fee
Locker fee per semester 150 SR
Insurance fee onetime payment (refundable ) 100 SR
PMU ID replacement 150 SR
Locker key replacement 50 SR
Bus Pass ID replacement 50 SR
ID/ POS Charge upon request, to be used for Copy Center services.
Bus Fees
Khobar 2,300 SR
Dammam 2,500 SR
Qatif 2,750 SR
Administration fee
Change grade fee (grade appeal) 500 SR
(per request ) Per request - Be paid before submitting the request “Refundable value if the matter resolved”
Transcript request 15 SR (per copy)
Late Registration Fee 500 SR
“Late Registration Fee “if student failed to register during the registration period “
Late payment Fee 250 SR
“Late payment Fee “if the student failed to pay within the due date of the instalment “