Student Fees

Summer Semester Tuition

A 15% VAT will be charged for Tuition and Fees for Non-Saudi Students.
A 15% VAT will be charged for Fees for Saudi Students, Saudi Students do not pay VAT for Tuition.

Admission Application Fees- Undergraduate Programs

Non-refundable SAR 950

Admission Application Fees- Graduate Programs

Non-refundable SAR 950

Other Fees at PMU- Optional

Service Fees
Locker SAR 150/Semester
Locker Insurance SAR 100 Onetime fee
ID Replacement SAR 150
Locker Key Replace SAR 50
Late Registration Fee SAR 500
Late Payment Fee SAR 250
Bus Pass ID Replacement SAR 50
Bus service to/from Khobar SAR 2,300/Semester
Bus service to/from Dammam SAR 2,500/Semester
Bus service to/from Qatif SAR 2,750/Semester
APTIS Exam Fees SAR 500
Duplicate Original Degree Fee SAR 500
Returned Check Penalty SAR 500
Daycare Center Monthly SAR 1000
Daycare Center Weekly SAR 300
Daycare Center Daily SAR 100
ID replacement Fee SAR 150