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Strategic Plans
  • Completion of the surrounding access roads and Landscaping Project, and planning to construct Green House.
  • Reverted Osmosis Plant at PMU.
  • PMU Project total completion in all its aspects.
  • Completion of Phase – 1 for PMU Housing Project.
  • New offices in the Administration Building free area for creation of a Service Center.
  • Certifying the PMU Cafeteria (HACCP, IPP and ISO).
  • Construction of Business Center
  • Upgrading PMU Buses with the latest technology.
  • Completion the Cladding of Auditorium
  • Upgrading of Auditorium Audio and Video Systems.
  • Expansion Project of the University, building of new colleges
  • Prince Sultan College for vision handicapped students.
  • Improvement of Air conditioning at Chiller Plant Unit.
  • Increase of Electrical Power Supply.

For the fulfillment of these objectives and goals, increment of skilled technical staff and latest accompaniment methods are a reality need and already going on.