Finance Course Learning Outcomes
Course Code Title Learning Outcomes
ASSE4311 LEARNING ASSESSMENT III/ADMINISTRATIVE STRATEGY AND POLICY CLO1 Recognize and recall key characteristics of internal and external analysis for policy and strategy
CLO2 Apply investment tools learned from various courses in your specialization
CLO3 Demonstrate the ability to access, criticize and appraise real life key investment challenges. The course is designed to foster learning through team work and group discussion
CLO4 Appraise by requiring students to participate in classroom discussion on current issues faced by local equity market
CLO5 Employ an effective skill in analyzing and writing reports effectively
FINA3311 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLES CLO1 Define the role of finance in business decisions
CLO2 Define basic finance terminology
CLO3 Outline risk-return trade off
CLO4 Analyze financial statements
CLO5 Evaluate the suitability of long term investment projects by applying capital budgeting techniques such as NPV, IRR, etc
CLO6 Interpret the results of using various financial tools
CLO7 Explain the management of assets and liabilities and their effect on capital structure
CLO8 Demonstrate ability to work effectively in teams
FINA3312 FINANCIAL MARKETS AND INSTITUTIONS CLO1 Describe the role of financial markets and institutions – (including Central Banks)
CLO2 Describe the importance of the money and capital markets to an economy
CLO3 Analyze the determinants and structure of interest rates
CLO4 Explain and summarize the securities operations
CLO5 Analyze the stock valuation and risk
CLO6 Design and apply appropriate data structures for solving financial market and institution problems
CLO7 Develop improved communication and collaborative skills
CLO8 Analyze the performance characteristics of the money and bond markets
CLO9 Complete class project and make power point presentations in the class
FINA3313 MONEY AND BANKING CLO1 Recognize and recall the theories and concepts underlying money in the economy and the operation of the banking system
CLO2 Problem solving abilities are developed as students analyze assigned questions, exercises, problems, and cases
CLO3 Oral, written, and listening skills are developed by encouraging students to participate in class discussion, to engage in homework assignments, and to interact with classmates. The course has a significant writing component aiming at improving writing skills
CLO4 Demonstrate the ability to access, critisize and appraise real life money and banking issues and problems pertaining to local and international cases. The course is designed to foster cooperative learning, teamwork, and group discussion
CLO5 Build competencies in contemporary information technologies. The internet is employed as learning device and computer diagrams and statistical tools are used to prepare case analyses. Power point slides are also used extensively for classroom presentations
FINA3314 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS ANALYSIS CLO1 State the assumptions used in preparing financial statements
CLO2 Explain how to apply different analysis tools to financial statements
CLO3 Illustrate how statements can be prepared differently based on perspective such as financial accounting, tax accounting or managerial accounting
CLO4 Interpret the results of the analysis and use them to reach conclusions about the company under review
CLO5 Evaluate the quality of data
CLO6 Show responsibility for own learning
CLO7 Demonstrate effectively working in teams
CLO8 Illustrate ethically in personal and public forums
CLO9 Communicate effectively in oral and written form
CLO10 Demonstrating usage of information and communications technology related to the course
CLO11 Interpret problems using mathematical, statistical  and numerical techniques
CLO12 Prepare reports
FINA4312 ADVANCED FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT CLO1 Justify financial management tools to business problems.
CLO2 Evaluate risk and return aspects of various decisions.
CLO3 Describe financial statements and interpret the results.
CLO4 Design capital budgeting techniques in problems and short cases.
CLO5 Recognize the key elements in capital structure decisions.
CLO6 Use working capital management techniques to offer solutions to hypothetical cases or to participating local companies.
CLO7 Develop a more in-depth understanding of finance theory.
FINA4313 INVESTMENT CLO1 Outline key characteristics of different type of securities
CLO2 Explain the efficient market hypothesis and how it relates to investment decisions.
CLO3 Recognize key investment analysis tools.
CLO4 Describe portfolio theory and capital asset pricing model.
CLO5 Demonstrate use of key investment analysis tools
FINA4314 INTERNATIONAL FINANCE CLO1 Recognize the international environment in which a firm operates
CLO2 Describe and recognize the major international finance markets
CLO3 Recognize some of the commonly used tools to assess different types of risk in international transactions
CLO4 Recognize key features of exchange rate calculations, strategic planning in international context, and international banking
CLO5 Recognize how hedging and arbitrage work
CLO6 Develop and understand the meaning of key terms used in international finance
FINA4315 SECURITY ANALYSIS AND PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT CLO1 Recognize the asset allocation decision.
CLO2 Learn the key developments in investment theory.
CLO3 Analyze individual securities.
CLO4 State and use the asset pricing model.
CLO5 Describe and explain derivative securities.
CLO6 Evaluate portfolio performance.
CLO7 Evaluate and interpret company and industry analysis.
CLO8 Describe and explain the efficient market hypothesis.
FINA4316 CAPITAL BUDGETING CLO1 Explain the importance of capital budgeting decisions.  
CLO2 Differentiate terms used in capital budgeting. 
CLO3 Recognize and calculate relevant cash flows.  
CLO4 Justify the use to different methods and capital budgeting techniques. 
CLO5 Evaluate project risk. 
CLO6 Recognize and evaluate portfolio risk. 
CLO7 Demonstrate an awareness of the problems associated with multiple yields, the reinvestment assumption, and decisions under capital rationing conditions.
FINA4351 SPECIAL TOPICS IN FINANCE CLO1 Distinguish between Islamic and conventional finance products. 
CLO2 Structure Islamic finance and investment products in simple settings. 
CLO3 Demonstrate Islamic finance and investment products in simple settings.
CLO4 Appreciate the mechanism behind Islamic finance system. 
CLO5 Reorganize to Islamic insurance and bond markets work. 
CLO6 Recognize the importance of Islamic capital markets. 
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